Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Gualy?

Gualy is a Digital Wallet that can be used by individuals and businesses.

What should I do to have an account in Gualy?

Having an account in Gualy is very simple, you just must follow the following steps:

If you are a natural person:

1) Download the Gualy in Google Play or App Store.

2) Press the REGISTER button.

3) Enter your data, email and phone number.

4) Place your profile picture, taking a picture with your device or selecting one from your gallery.

5) Enter your password and select a secret security question.

6) Accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policies.

Then, you already have your profile in Gualy, where you can have your money in one place.

Besides your email, you have a unique QR Code that will also be your identifier to send and request payments.

If you are a business:

1) Make the pre-registration through the

2) Soon one of our business specialists will contact you to coordinate the registration of your company.

How do I add money to Gualy?

1) Register your credit cards and bank accounts in your profile.

2) Add money to your Gualy account by transferring the balance of your credit cards or bank accounts.

-To register credit cards:

Go to your profile and in the Payment Methods section, enter the details of your credit card and press ADD.

The registered credit cards can be from different banks and your data will be stored encrypted in our app.

With them you can add money to your Gualy account.

-To register bank accounts:

Go to your profile and in the Payment Methods section, enter the details of your bank account and click ADD.

Registered bank accounts can be from different banks and your data will be stored encrypted in our app.

With them you can deposit money to your Gualy account.

How do I send and request a payment?

In Gualy you have diverse ways to send and request payments

-To send a payment:

Enter the email or scan the QR Code of the user who will receive the money and press SEND PAYMENT.

-To request a payment:

Enter the email address of the user who will receive the money or generate a QR Code for the requested amount and press REQUEST PAYMENT.

How long does it take to pay with Gualy?

Payments to users and businesses are instantaneous, without wasting time waiting for a response from the banking system or points of sale.

If I receive a payment, how long can I use the money?

By receiving a payment, you can immediately use your money to pay other users or businesses in your Gualy accounts.

How can I see the details of the transactions?

You will receive notifications of each transaction and in the History section you can see the detail, having control of all your movements.

In addition, as a businesses you can observe the record of each action carried out by the administrators that you add to your businesses Gualy account, assigning the permissions that you consider pertinent for each one.

What commission does Gualy charge for sending or receiving money?

The commission for the services of Gualy that you have used, will be a % some operations that you realize in your Gualy account.

How can I withdraw the money?

You can request at any time the transfer of the balance that you have available in your Gualy account to any of the bank accounts that you have registered in your profile, considering that withdrawals can take up to 72 Hrs to be effective in your bank account.

Do you accept foreign currency?

No, Gualy works with transactions in the Venezuelan local currency (VEF / VES).

How can I view or edit my profile information?

In the Settings section you can modify or update your profile information at any time.

How can I reset my password?

In the beginning you must press I FORGOT MY PASSWORD and you will receive an email to create a new password.

How can I request help or file a claim?

If you need HELP for any process of the app, you can request technical support, send comments or report a problem in the Help section of the application. You can also contact our support unit that has commercial offices and our service center available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How do I verify my user?

Send the following documents in JPG, JPEG, PNG or PDF to
1) Identity Card
2) Personal RIF
3) Selfie with the Identity Card
4) Some social network
5) To verify the bank account, add a bank support, it can be a voided check or bank reference,
where you can read the 20 digits of your bank account.