Gualy Payment

Gualy Payment was created on August 22, 2017 and is led by a team of experts in business, marketing, finance and technology, which aims to generate innovative financial solutions, has managed to engage their knowledge and experiences to make this company a reality and a great promise of product development that will revolutionize the way we manage our finances through digital media.

This FINTECH company specializes in technological and financial innovation, transforming ideas into sustainable business models, through product development, with the financial sector to accelerate its entry and scaling up in the market. The vision of the organization is leading innovative financial solutions in Venezuela and Latin America by generating value products for communities, customers and partners; sustainable ideas in an environment connected to the entrepreneurial, technological, academic and financial environment.

Our success depends on human relationships, direct and collaborative with the different market players; We connect personally with the investors of our product through hotlines to receive constant feedback on the state of the business.

Based on our experience in the development of technological products, leveraged in human talent, knowledge, technological competences and relationships with the entrepreneurial environment, we have created our first technological and financial solution in Venezuela with high scalability potential in the Latin American market, Gualy mobile and web application.

We have a team of professionals passionate about entrepreneurship, capable of responding to constant technological business challenges; in this way, an integrated organization capable of developing collaborative relationships with interest groups, solving problems in a creative way, making decisions in a collective work environment, implementing internal control points, accessing new networks of contacts and finally, promoting feelings of solidarity and support the groups of people that intervene in all our processes.

Based on the premises, our team has developed personal, social, intellectual and management skills in: digital business, human talent, marketing and branding, finance, promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation, design of business strategies. We promote behaviors, values ​​and principles that strengthen our corporate culture; therefore, development activities, promotions, companies and general services are characterized by transparency and equity in the relations of the board and partners with human talent, business customers, users, business partners and other groups of interest.

Maracaibo was the first city in Venezuela to have electricity, tram, bank, telegraph, telephone and film projection, so it is no surprise that now the direction and origin of this company that lead it to work for cutting-edge FINTECH solutions that generate value to all sectors of the communities.

We work every day to keep alive the flame of technological innovation in Venezuela, taking our business models and products to every corner of the country and the world.